Sociology A Level


Examination Board: AQA


Am I right for this course? 


If you are a critical thinker, have drive and want to discover new ways of deconstructing the world around you, then Sociology is for you.


We work in partnership with you to develop your knowledge, understanding and critical evaluation skills to ensure you to reach your learning goals.


You will be required to read widely and in depth and to keep your understanding of sociological issues up-to-date by reading broadsheet newspapers, social media and academic journals from the internet. 


What is the course structure?  


Sociology is the study of individuals and groups in society. In the first year, you will study Education with Theory & Methods and Family & Households. For Education, you will assess different types of education, apply educational theory and investigate educational achievement according to class, gender and ethnicity. You will also look at how and why sociologists carry out research and evaluate the different methods that are used. In the study of Family & Households, you will learn about different theories of the family and analyse family diversity, marriage, divorce, cohabitation, childhood, power and control. You will also investigate the effects of globalisation on the family unit.


In the second year, you will study Crime & Deviance and one of three topics: Beliefs in Society, Media or Global Development. In studying Beliefs in Society, you will examine the relationship between social change and social stability, religious beliefs, practices and organisations. For Global Development, you will learn about the influence of globalisation on society and analyse sociological explanations, such as trade, aid and conflict. Alongside one of these topics you will study Crime & Deviance, which looks at the causes of crime and social distribution according to class, gender and ethnicity. You will also examine contemporary issues, such as international crime and cybercrime. Using current events, you will learn to make connections between sociological theory and society today. 


How will you be assessed? 


The course is assessed by exams (there is no coursework).

This is a linear qualification and will be studied over two years, with all assessments for all modules at the end of the course. 


What can I do with Sociology? 


Students who have studied Sociology at A level have gone on to enter a diverse range of careers including; education, social work, legal justice, counselling, teaching, market research and recruitment consultancy. Sociology complements other subjects and has a close affinity with Economics, Geography, History, Politics and Psychology.


Sociology is the first step towards an enlightened and empowered future.