Physical Education A Level                


Examination Board: Edexcel 


Who should take the course?  


Students who wish to take the A Level course should have a keen interest in human biology, psychology and an understanding of how the mind and body works in relation to performance in physical sport. 


What is the course about? 


Physical Education is for students who have a love of sport and performance. Students will have an interest in a number of the following topics: Anatomy & physiology, the effects on exercise on the bodily systems, nutrition, biomechanics, fatigue, injury rehabilitation, the role of sports psychology in facilitating performance and how sport and society has developed.


The structure of the course 


The students will study four components


  • Scientific Principles of Physical Education (40% of qualification)
  • Psychological and Social Principles of Physical Education (30% of qualification)
  • Practical Performance (15% of qualification)
  • Performance Analysis and Performance Development (15% of qualification)


How the course will be assessed? 


The students will sit two written exams. They will also be assessed practically. The practical assessment consists of students completing one physical activity from a set list. Students can be assessed in either the role of player/performer or coach. They will also have to complete two pieces of coursework. 


Where will it take me? 


This course can lead onto studying a sports related subject at University at either degree or HND Level. Students can also use this qualification in employment in a range of fields including Sports and Exercise Sciences, Physiotherapy, Teaching, Leisure Industry, the Police and the Armed Forces.