Music Technology A Level


Examination Board:  Edexcel


Who should take the course? Anyone with:


  • Acceptance based on a teacher’s interview
  • An interest in music production and using technology to create music
  • An aptitude for sequencing software
  • An interest in music and an open-minded approach to different styles
  • A desire to extend their practical experience and understanding of music technology
  • Ability to undertake self-directed work


What does the course involve?


There are three areas of study which underpin the whole course encouraging breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding. They also provide context for the students’ practical and theoretical work.


AoS 1: Recording and Production Techniques for both Corrective and Creative Purposes

AoS 2: Principles of Sound and Audio Technology

AoS 3: The Development of Recording and Production Technology


How is it assessed?


Two pieces of externally assessed coursework comprising i) a multi-track recording of 7 instruments from a choice of 10 different artists; ii) a composition using Music Technology (40% of marks) and two exams comprising i) a listening and analysing exam; ii) a practical and written exam involving analysing and producing (60% of marks). 


Where will it take me?


  • Career in sound engineering
  • University courses in music including composing or Music Technology
  • Access to a range of technology and computer-orientated careers
  • Increased knowledge of both technology and music
  • Increased enjoyment of both technology and music
  • Opportunity to play a role in the performing and extra-curricular life of school, e.g. in providing the sound for concerts, etc.