Music A Level


Examination Board: OCR at MWS and Eduqas at STA 


Who should take the course? Anyone with: 


  • An interest in studying music in a variety of styles through analysis, listening, performing and composing
  • A love of music and an open-minded approach to different styles and cultures
  • An ability to read music
  • Ability to undertake self-directed work 


What is the course about? 


The course is studied in units, which encompass performing, composing, listening and analysis (musical understanding). In musical understanding students study three areas of musical history, ranging from Classical music of 1750 to the popular genres of the present day. Students can choose to weight their course in favour of Performance or Composition depending on where their strength lies. 


How is it assessed? 

Unit 1: Performance   25% / 35% 10 minute approx. performance of at least two contrasting pieces. Externally assessed. 

Unit 2: Composition  25% / 35% 2-3 Compositions completed under controlled conditions and externally assessed against a brief set by the exam board. 

Unit 3: Musical understanding Two and a half-hour exam, including listening, understanding musical lines and essay writing. 


Where will it take me?


  • University courses in Music/ related Music courses
  • University admissions officers often look for Music when selecting for other subjects e.g. medicine and law
  • Vocational Music/ Music related Higher Education courses
  • Music industry work/ apprenticeships
  • Opportunity to play huge role in performing and extra-curricular life of the school
  • A lifelong love of music