History A Level 


Examination Board: OCR/Edexcel/AQA (different schools offer different boards) 


Why should you take history? 


  • History is an academic subject that is highly regarded by University admissions tutors. It is particularly appropriate for students considering studying Law, journalism and other careers which require the ability to critically evaluate evidence make decisions and present information. History allows you to keep your options open whilst also helping you gain skills that are relevant to a range of careers.  For example; Creative and entertainment work such as acting and directing movies, Lawyers, Politicians, Financial Work, Market research analysts, Museum Work, Armed Forces, Education, and many more! 

Who should take the course? 


  • Students who enjoy challenge, thinking for themselves, discussion and arguments
  • You will look at historical interpretations and be given the opportunity to develop your own analysis and interpretation.
  • There are rarely correct answers so you will get the chance to say what you think! 


What skills do you need? 


  • You will need to be able to write well, being able to construct a well-balanced essay, select relevant evidence and evaluate this.
  • You will be encouraged to read widely to further your understanding.
  • You will need to have self-discipline and application.
  • A Level students have enjoyed visits to Waterloo (Belgium), Germany, the National Archives, The West End and conferences to help in their studies.