English Language A Level 


Examination Board: AQA


Who should take the course?



This subject will appeal to students with an interest in how language works and the central role it plays in our everyday lives.


What is the course about? 


The course is based around language in use. This means that any piece of language, whether a snippet from Eastenders or a voice-over from an advert, is suitable for study. Another important aspect of the course is the production of writing for particular audiences and purposes. Some of the topics are listed below:


  • Textual Variations and Representations – comparing language and ideas in different texts
  • Children's Language Development – how children learn language
  • Language Diversity and Change – how different social groups use English differently
  • Language Discourses – exploring debates about language
  • An Investigation into Language – free choice coursework unit
  • Original Writing – free choice coursework unit 


How is it assessed? 


Language consists of two examined units and two pieces of coursework (or non-examined assessments). The written exams are each 2 hours 30 minutes: the first requires students to analyse a range of texts and write an extended discussion of how children’s language develops; the second asks them to analyse a range of texts representing English from around the world and across the last 400 years and to complete a directed writing task. In the non-examined assessment students have the opportunity to investigate an aspect of language study of their own choice and produce a piece of creative writing with a commentary. 


Where will it take me? 


It combines well with Media Studies, Modern Foreign Languages as well as other Humanities subjects such as History, Sociology and Psychology. You can use this qualification to study English, Languages or a Humanities subject at University. The course is excellent preparation for careers in teaching, journalism and law or any career that involves the effective use of language.