Digital Media (Cambridge Technical) L3 Extended Certificate


What is the course about?


The study of Digital Media is an engaging and highly relevant area that is constantly shifting to keep up with developments in the industry. The course combines practical, project-based assessment with examined units and is assessed throughout Year 12 and 13.


Who should take this course?


You will be a creative person who can bring ideas to life before pitching them to a client. You will be interested in emerging technologies and a confident user of ICT to enable you to develop your own digital products. You will want to grasp the theoretical and technical aspects of the media industry that underpin your design skills including analysing your target audience.


How is it assessed?


Year 12:


Units 3 & 21 (Coursework - 25%)

In completing these units you will develop new ideas for a client and prepare a proposal to meet a client brief. You will deliver a pitch to the client before producing planning materials and creating an original digital product. You will review your product to ensure it meets the needs of your client.


Unit 2 (Exam - 25%)

In this unit you’ll learn about the preproduction process that the creative media industry follows when creating a product. This will be assessed in a 2 hour written paper consisting of short answer questions and questions requiring more extended responses based on a scenario.


Year 13:


Units 20 & 24 (Coursework - 25%)

In completing these units, you’ll learn about different media sectors and how they operate, how technologies impact the industry and about the potential careers and routes into media. You’ll develop an understanding of advertising before planning your own advertising campaign including original media components


Unit 1 (Exam - 25%)

In this unit you will learn about different ownership models in the media industries and how to analyse media products. You will learn about how audiences are categorised, researched and targeted by media producers and how media institutions distribute and advertise their products to audiences. The paper is 2 hours long and includes research data to be analysed.


Where will it take me?


The Cambridge Technical in Digital Media is a challenging vocational qualification supporting students on their journey to university, an apprenticeship or a career in the media industry. They are recognised for UCAS tariff points.