T Level in Business Management and Administration      Examination Board: City & Guilds


Why take this subject? 


T Levels are new two-year courses equivalent to three A levels. T Levels are based on the same standards as apprenticeships, designed by employers, and will offer around 1,800 hours of study over two years. The Level 3 Technical Qualification in Administration and Management will provide students with the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to progress into skilled employment or higher-level technical training or study in Business sector. 


What will you learn?


The Technical Qualification is split into 2 component parts:

The Core Component provides a high-level foundation of knowledge and skills that are relevant to all Occupational Specialisms within this qualification, which is Team Leadership. You will also be completing a minimum of 315 hours in a Business setting and this will be spread over the 2 years. 


What is the course structure?   


The technical qualification is split into 2 component parts:

Core component: the knowledge and underpinning concepts, theories and principles as well as core skills for the Business sector.

Occupational specialisms:
• Team Leadership


How will you be assessed? 


The Core Components are assessed through:

  • 2 written examinations (Paper A and Paper B)
  • An employer-set project (ESP) – a supervised project, devised and set by City & Guilds

The Occupational Specialism is assessed through synoptic assignments


What can you do after the course? 


This course is designed to help you get into employment, on to an apprenticeship or further studies at university or higher education to further your learning, depending on your goals. This could be in:

  • International Business Management
  • Business Management with Law Business Management
  • Leadership Business and Globalisation Business
  • Marketing Management
  • Management Studies Communication
  • Business Studies Business Management in Practice Business with International Business
  • Management Business and Public Relations Business and Supply Chain Management
  • Business Management and Sustainability