Art, Craft & Design


Examination Board: Edexcel (BHG & OSA), WJEC (STA)     



Who should take the course?



Before opting for A Level Art & Design, students should have met the entrance criteria in GCSE Art (recommended Grade 6), or be able to provide a high quality portfolio to evidence skills.  A refined and skilful drawing ability is required as well as a dedicated, independent work ethic.


What will I learn? 


In Year 12, students will explore a directed theme for the first term, experimenting with a wide range of media and materials before branching out independently in a self directed pathway.


Students will lead their learning, showcasing an in depth investigation into a concept. This unit will contribute to 60% of the final grade.


In Year 13, students will be given an exam theme in which they have 8 weeks to produce a body of work showcasing an in depth exploration into this idea. The final outcome will be produced under exam conditions and will contribute to the remaining 40% of the grade.


 How is it assessed?


 All students are required to:

  • Record observations, experiences, ideas, information and insights appropriate to intentions
  • Analyse and critically evaluate art and design practices demonstrating an understanding of purpose, meaning and context
  • Use art and design practise to develop ideas through sustained investigations and exploration, selecting and using materials, processes and resources, identifying and interpreting relationships and analysing methods and outcomes
  • Use a variety of materials and techniques appropriately in a refined and skilful way.
  • Explore ideas clearly in an analytical and critical manner using appropriate art terminology

Where will it take me? 


On completion of your Art course, you might progress to further or higher education. These may include:

  • An extended diploma in an art foundation course
  • A creative degree course of your choice at University
  • An art based apprenticeship


This qualification may also accompany other career paths by demonstrating your approach to creative problem solving and critical thinking.